My philosophy

Mneme was in the Greek mythology the Muse of memory and one of the origin three muses. My aim is to immortalize your special moments and turn them into unforgettable memories! To capture your natural and unique beauty by focusing on your personality , the depth of your emotions and the magic of the moment.

Keeping memories alive

Your wedding day is marked to be one of the most important days of your life! No matter the style you choose, if you are a romantic or classic, modern, urban or bohemian, I am there to capture the magical moments you share, so after years you may dive right back in by looking at a photo.

As your wedding photographer I am ready to follow you on destination weddings anywhere around the world!

As a photographer, I accompany you also in other important sections of your life. Keep your happy and emotional moments through a couple, maternity or family shooting in memory.


I am looking forward to meet you and hear your story!

Your beautiful comments and messages

Arielle & Alex

Alica, we looked at the pictures yesterday over coffee and blueberry cake and WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH...I remember the little room I was getting ready in...and it was NOT pretty -you managed to make those moments completely stand out from that little silly room. I barely remember being photographed at all, and we ended up with so many lovely pictures but didn't feel constantly intruded on or constantly being staged.

Fay and Jean

Αλίσα μου, εντάξει...ΟΥΑΟ! Δεν μπορεις να φανταστεις τα χαμογελα που εσκασαν στα προσωπα μας οταν ειδαμε τις φωτογραφιες σου! Είναι πραγματικα απιστευτες!! Μας μετεφεραν παλι σε εκεινη τη μερα και ξαναζησαμε μεσα απο τις φωτογραφιες ολα οσα περασαμε εκεινο το σαββατοκυριακο! Απιστευτα συναισθηματα! Σ'ευχαριστουμε παρα πολυ που καταφερες να αποδωσεις τους πραγματικους εαυτους μας, φυσικους, με απιστευτη αισθητικη. Ηταν πραγματικα αυτο που θελαμε να εχουμε για να θυμομαστε στο μελλον!