About me

My name is Alica, I`m half-Cypriot, half-German. When I was 2 years old, I moved with my family from Hamburg to Cyprus where I grew up in a small, beautiful village called Polis by the sea side in the northwestern of Cyprus.


At 18, I went back to Germany for my studies. In Berlin I first studied political science and then, following my childhood dream, classical archeology. I was fascinating by the idea of being able to bring a piece of history back into the present!


How it all started...

During the semester break, my camera was always next to the pickaxe, bucket and shovel. Every chance got I used to travel and discover mysterious and unknown places, with my favourite companion –my camera. Later on I began to emphasise on detailed photography by taking pictures of sculptures at museums.

My goal

The decision to turn my joyful hobby into a profession was made when my partner and I decided to move to Athens together. This gave me a chance to create something new for myself, a new profession, which combined my passion and enthusiasm!


I like to do something beautiful and creative, something that speaks right from my soul. So the decision was simple: there is no better feeling for me, than accompanying people on their most important and emotional moments as a photographer, and keep them in an authentic way for them alive.